The SPEL Materials Testing Laboratory is equipped to provide a comprehensive range of aggregate and soil testing services which meet ASTM, AASHTO and BS International Standards.

Mechanical, physical and chemical testing is conducted on a wide range of aggregates to ensure they are fit for purpose for any given specification. Our clients can be confident that our qualified professionals will meet their testing needs.

Standard Test
ASTM C-136 Gradation Analysis
ASTM C-131 Los Angeles Abrasion
ASTM C-33 Sulphate Soundness (Magnesium / Sodium)
ASTM C-40 Organic Impurities
ASTM C -29 Bulk Density “Unit Weight”
ASTM C-127 Specific Gravity and Absorption
ASTM D-4791 Flat & Elongated Particles
BS 812 Flakiness Index of Coarse Agg.
ASTM D-4318 Atterberg Limits
ASTM C-117 Material finer than No.200
ASTM D 1557 / 698 Proctor Compaction (Modified / Standard)
ASTM D-2487 Classification of Soils
ASTM D-2922 Nuclear Density (Field Test)

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