Aggregate production on the island of Tobago is set to increase dramatically in fiscal 2018 given the known demand of 1.75M metric tonne for major national infrastructure projects. Such a demand would impact significantly on Tobago’s revenue generation capacity.

In 2016, the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) incorporated a special purpose company, Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL) to restructure arrangements of its quarrying facility at Studley Park. Its mandate is to improve the performance, productivity and profitability of the enterprise. Moreover, the quarry operated and owned by the THA is being positioned as an economic option to absorb both local and national demand for the rare volcanic rock product.

Four (4) major projects have been earmarked by the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) for use of the locally produced aggregate. Recently, the Government indicated the unavailability of foreign exchange for the importation of the product.

Proposed projects include the Golconda to Point Fortin Highway extension; rehabilitation of the Solomon-Hochoy Highway and the Churchill Roosevelt Highway extension to Manzanilla in Trinidad; and the rehabilitation of ANR International Airport, Tobago. Rehabilitation works on the airport is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of fiscal 2018.

Already, SPEL is undertaking the upgrade of its two production plants and is considering options for the construction and/or rehabilitation of a jetty facility for exports in the Barbados Bay area. These developments are expected to increase production capacity at the plants and enable a predictable supply of aggregate, particularly to local consumers. Moreover, at maximum production levels, with the existing equipment, the management of SPEL has noted the need to secure an alternative or additional production arrangement to supplement shortfall in demand.

Therefore, SPEL through its partners at NIDCO would advertise for Request for Proposals (RFPs) for a Production Contractor to produce a minimum of 40K metric tonne per month. The RFP is to be published in the daily newspapers in the coming week.

The Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL) would inform the public of any further developments.