The newly refurbished Barbados Bay Jetty Facility received its first barge in over fifteen (15) years last Saturday 26 January 2019 at 8:54AM. A commissioning berth was successfully completed.

The journey of the barge from Trinidad provided an opportunity for both the Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL) and contractor to explore appropriate mooring plans for the location. On this specific occasion, over 2,200 Metric Tonnes (MT) of aggregate was transported to Trinidad, generating some TTD$300,000 in revenue.

Barging from this Studley Park location considerably reduces the land-based transportation cost, thereby allowing for greater product competitiveness. Further, this arrangement will provide relief to the congestion challenge currently experienced at the Scarborough Port.

Over the next few weeks, the exploration of mooring options under varying conditions will continue. The relevant approvals have been obtained from the appropriate regulatory authorities, and any further requirements will emerge from this exploration exercise.

An official commissioning ceremony is scheduled for March 2019.