Given ongoing discussions on environmental issues emanating from the Stakeholder Meeting on the proposed rehabilitation of the Barbados Bay Jetty, the Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL) 2018 wishes to clarify its position.

SPEL, guided by its responsibility to observe the law, had already submitted an application for a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) for the establishment of a loading jetty at Barbados Bay under reference # CEC5297/2017. Additionally, another CEC specific to the existing facility was submitted this week as a caution against modifications that may fall outside the provisions of the ‘Grandfather Clause’.

Already, SPEL is mobilising to collect the bore hole samples of the sea floor material; and additional information on wave, current and wind data for the area.

The Board and Management remain committed to the sustainable development of the island’s natural environment as SPEL pursues the expansion of Tobago’s aggregate industry.